Photo Quest

The goal of the program:

  • To develop team-building skills
  • To solve tricky tasks
  • To develop creativity of the participants
  • Recreation

The idea of the program:

Photo Quest – is a creative competition among teams. The programs combines elements of photography and questing.

The structure of the program:

The tasks contain encrypted coordinates of places and photos of objects which should be discovered and photographed.

The objective is to find a location. The teams picks one of the tasks which in their opinion is the most suitable for the current location. By using their imagination, the teams should come up with creative photos. At the agreed time, the teams shall gather in a specific location for the final stage of the competition. Instructors will pick the most accurate and creative photos for display.

Afterwards, the jury will be formed by choosing a representative from each of the teams. Previously selected photos of teams will be displayed on the screen. The jury should assess the work of each team, except for theirs, on a 10 level scale. The prizes will be distributed based on the the results of the votes.

Quest time: 3 hours

Location: ТК “Bukovel”

Minimum number of participants: 20 people

For more information: +38 097 494 25 77


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