Extreme-park or adventure park – is a wooden construction intertwined together with different elements: suspension lines, cable carts, steps, bridges, swings all which are fixed at 1.5-6 meters (4.9-19.6 feet). To complete the track you would have to get creative and be able to move at a significant height above the ground just like a true alpine or rock climber. First, you would have to determine the complexity of the track that you would like to complete. A lot will depend on your previous experience in this niche, as well as athletic abilities and age.

We have flexible pricing especially for corporate events. Furthermore, this season a new amusement ride “trolley” has opened up.

Everyone’s invited to receive their dosage of adrenaline.

Season schedule: May 1-st until October 1-st

Location: ski track R2, right across the “Shelter” hotel


  • Adults (upper) level: 80 UAH/person
  • Kids (lower) level: 40 UAH/person

Schedule: Mon – Thur from 10:00 till 17:55, Fri – Sun from 10:00 till 18:55.

Details: +38 097 494 25 77


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