FlySurf – an absolutely new, fantastic and thrilling ride, that blends 2 elements – water and wind. That’s why FlySurfing became extremely popular in the whole world as well as in Ukraine. You can literally fly with the help of FlySurf.

FlySurf is now available in Bukovel: by flying over the Carpathian mountains you will experience an unexpressed excitement and a ton of positive emotions. We are thrilled to offer you to try this unbelievable ride yourself.

With the help of FlySurf you can propel out of the water like a dolphin, rise above the water as high as 8 meters (26 feet) and soar in the air like a bird or a superhero from a hollywood movie; you can also do acrobatic stunts and flips just like on a snowboard.

How does this work?

FlySurf rides are divided into 2 stages:

1) On the land you are instructed on the safety rules, dressed in special equipment and trained for 15 minutes on how to ride correctly

2) On the water – you get to ride for 5+ minutes. This is the amount of time that is needed for you to become a superhero and attain superpowers.

Who is allowed to fly?

Individuals who are 16 years older and weigh above 40 kilos (88 pounds).

You should consult a physician in case you have any issues with your musculoskeletal system.

Individuals who are in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication are not allowed to FlySurf.

How safe is this?

Taking into account that the rides are conducted on the water, it is considered to be quite safe. In addition, the riders are equipped with a helmet, life vest, diving suit which makes injury or hypothermia very unlikely.

Gift Certificate for the ride. For whom are they suitable?

FlySurf gift certificates would be suitable for anyone who loves extreme and unusual activities. Also for those who love water, speed and flying. And especially this would be suitable for young, active and curious individuals.

The pricing includes:

Test ride, 5 minutes – 390 UAH

Unforgettable ride, 10 minutes – 690 UAH

Sky High, 20 minutes (2 rides, 10 minutes each) – 1290 UAH

You will also get:

  • equipment (diving suit, helmet, life vest, FlySurf)
  • intstructions on the safety rules, training on how to ride
  • ride on the FlySurf


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