Teambuilding Quest in a Movie Style

Film Festival

During the quest all participants shall be divided into teams with instructors. The teams will be given tasks in different locations of Bukovel and will have team-building activities.

Contest Zones:

  1. Indian Movies
  2. USSR Movies
  3. Horror Movies
  4. Romantic Saga
  5. Adult Movies
  6. Comedy
  7. Adventure Films
  8. Action Movies


  • Dance Flash Mob
  • Guess a movie by phrases, guess the main character by description, complete famous ethnic movie quotes
  • The Dancing Dragon of Bukovel
  • Dress up the mannequin with participants clothes
  • Complete a distance on time in a caterpillar style
  • Snowboard Relay Racing
  • Archery Contest and more

The program includes:

• Entertainment according to the script
• Assistance of instructors and animators
• Champagne
• Award ceremony with prizes and diplomas
• DJ and MC accompaniment

Duration: 4 hours

Location: ТК “Bukovel”

Minimum number of participants: 20 people

For more information:  +38 097 494 25 77



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