Ascending to Hoverla

We are offering you to take a tour to the highest mountain in the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains and the whole Ukraine – Hoverla. With the height of 2061 meters (6761 feet) above sea level Hoverla is situated on the borderline of Zakarpattya region and Ivano-Frankivsk region and is a part of the Chornohora mountain range. Prut river is located at the bottom of the mountain.

The first tourist hike to the mountain was done in the year of 1880. From Hoverla you’ll be able to see a magnificent scenery of other Carpathian mountains such as: Petros – 2020 meter (6627 feet), Pip Ivan – 2022 meters (6633 feet) and Dovbushanka – 1754 meters (5754 feet).

This is a 1 day program from 01.05 until 30.10

A 2 day notice prior to the beginning of the hike is necessary!



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